Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weekly Review: 4/9-4/15

 This week, on paper, look's like a decent week, with 171k in sales, and 62k in profit. However, this looks like this because of a mistake I made last week, on Monday, where I bought approx 20k worth of Golden Lotus, but I will get into that later. Overall it wasn't a bad week, I am up to 227.6k liquid gold now and it just keeps climbing.

This past week I had a pretty good flip on an item I bought for 100g (99g99s), and turned around and sold it for 2275g, a nice profit of 2175g (2165g after deposit fees). This item "Glowing Wind Bracers" is one of the group of blue items in the lvl 80-85 range referred to as Uber Blues, due to it's very high ilvl. So, I will definitely be sure to keep an eye out for these items when they dip below the price I am willing to pay for them.

This week my best selling craftable item was the venerable "Lord Blastington's Scope of Doom". Selling 8 of them for 8867g(total), or about 6.5k g profit. I'm not sure why these all of a sudden spiked in demand like this, maybe the stars aligned and all the hunters on my server got new bows/guns this week.

And, finally my biggest purchase this week, was by far Golden Lotus. Spending 22k in the last 7 days. The reason I bought all of this is described in more detail in my post, The Importance of Market Research. Be sure to give it a read, as I'm not really going to go into the details of the purchase here.

While on paper this week looks good, it wasn't that good, but am happy with the progress I have made and the progress I am still making.

Also, if you haven't checked it out already, I was honored to be a quest on The Cross-Realm podcast hosted by WoWProfitz of wowprofitz.com. You can check out the episode here: http://wowprofitz.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-cross-realm-podcast-7-with-drunken.html.

Thanks for all the support,
The Drunken Mogul

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