Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome to The Drunken Mogul

Hi there, and welcome to The Drunken Mogul. I am GoblinRaset I have been playing WoW since it first came out, back in 2004, and have always struggled to have enough gold to be able to buy what I needed. Whether it be, back in Vanilla where I couldn't afford buying an epic mount; or in Wrath where I had just enough to cover repair bills, flasks, and getting my epic flying training.

As I stated I have been playing since the beginning of this game we all enjoy so much, but then I took a break during BC due to real life (first time at college). I then came back for Wrath and became one the the top Death Knight Tanks on my realm (during Naxx), at this time I was working for a game development company as a game tester. I then dropped off again, when Ulduar came out, due to life getting in the way (and the guild I was in disbanding and a lot of drama), then came back during cata, right before Firelands came out (this was during my second attempt at college), then stopping shortly thereafter due to starting my current college experience in Culinary Arts. Now I am back starting up shortly after 5.1 was released due to Blizzard giving players with cata accounts a couple weeks of free play time, and since coming back I have found that most of what interested me most in the past (raiding w/ real life friends) will not be happening due to their real life issues,  so I was basically just leveling and doing dailies/dungeons/LFR by myself and not enjoying myself too much. That's when I discovered the gold-making community, and was welcomed with open arms.

Now, I may only be a drunken goblin, but since I started actively trying to make gold back in February I have gone from 10k gold, to 200k gold 2 months later. My goals for this blog are to post my drunken gold making ramblings, and since I like to make spreadsheets (harking back to some of my earlier career ventures), I will be posting those here, as well a guides on how to use them.

I decided to make this blog because I felt that us drunks, were under-represented in the gold-making community. Eventually I plan on doing some podcasts, as well as doing some live-streaming; and of course I will be doing all of this while drinking/drunk cause, I <3 alchohol, both in-game and IRL.

I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy posting them, and look forward to interacting with everyone.

Thank you,

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