Monday, April 22, 2013

Dealing With Others

Every gold maker out there has many stories about dealing with other people in regards to the items they are selling. For me my interactions have been minimal and for the most part very cordial, and none really worth mentioning or screenshotting. That is until today..... muahahahaha. Now on with the post.

So, I logged onto an alt server where all the gold making I do is dealing with the flipping markets, the toon started with 100g and is now sitting at 10k, and saw this nice little mail in my inbox. My initial response was actually ok 2k is a decent price for the item, so ran over to the AH and started looking for the item, but could not find it on the AH. That is until I found this.....

Now, this just goes to show that if the person wants the item bad enough they will pay almost any price for it.

Shortly after this I logged off, then got a notification of an Uber Blue item on the AH for cheap. So, logged back on and was greeted with this very friendly in-game msg.

Messages like this don't and never will bother me, I just reply 'ok' and go on with my life. So no harm to me, but apparently this person will be thinking about me for awhile, since he spent the time to add me to friends list and message me right when I logged on, which takes way more time than I am willing to spend thinking about him.

Of course, someone will say, but you did spend a lot of time thinking about him since you wrote a whole post about him. My answer to that is, this post took all of 15mins to write, and wrote it because it made me laugh. So, time well spent and now time to go back to collecting gold, and trying to hit 300k tonight before my weekly recap.

The Drunken Mogul


Jim Younkin said...

Damn it feels good to be a <Banksta>.

Poiekelsatin said...

Lol ....I love it :)