Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Changes to the 77-80 Green Market coming in 5.3

In 5.3 Blizzard will be introducing a new vendor in Mount Hyjal and Vashj'ir, they will have lvl 80 ilvl 232 gear for sale. You can check out the patch notes for yourself here. Now a lot of people have already chimed in on this change, and I just thought I would give me thoughts on how I will be adjusting my strategies for 5.3.

Since, this vendor is appearing I will most likely stop buying these items a couple of weeks before 5.3 is planning on launching. This may be soon, but I have a feeling it won't be for at least a month or so, as there are still many changes to the patch notes being made. However, I will not stop buying all lvl 80 items, only most. This is due to the fact that, right now at least, the vendor does not sell shoulders, wrist, belts, and trinkets. As you can note from the screenshots below.

So, those are my thoughts on the matter of how the market will change. It will become the 77-79 greens market, with some 80 shoulders/wrists/belts/trinkets, at least for me and those reading this hopefully. As there is never any reason to leave money on the table, whether in life or in WoW.

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